Monitor, Control, Collaborate & Teach.

Mythware classroom management for chromebooks has an easy to use UI that allows the teacher to perform every task in seconds.

Monitor & Control

GRID displays your content in an eye-catching way and enables customizable internal distribution.

Collaborate with students.

A key feature in which teachers can collaborate in real time with students. Math, art, or anything under one canvas for both.

Quiz & Grade, easily.

Quiz the students with pre-built questions by the teacher and let the software do the grading.

Student Demonstration Feature

Response Competitions

Let the students participate with rewards built in.

Student Demonstration Feature

Student Demostration

Students are able to demonstrate work to the teacher and other students live.

NetMovie Feature

Net Movie.

Mythware allows the teacher to stream a video file in real time as supposed to pushing a file, allowing full control.

Group Management

The teacher can manage his/her class by groups, topics, etc.

Chat Feature

Topic Chats

The teacher and students can chat by groups, topics, etc. Students can also collaborate with each other in real time.

Classroom Management
Software For Windows

Simply monitor, control, collaborate, chat, and more with students from your desktop.

  • Teachers love mythware. Easy to use UI, simple & intuative
  • Complete solution. No add-on or extras needed.
  • Permissions, privacies, anti-disruptions from students & secure.
  • Multi-platform compatibility. Manage student's phones
    or tablets from your desktop.
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Classroom Management
Software For IOS Devices

Manage your student's ipads or iphones through any platform with the teacher console installed.

  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Student demo, presentation and broadcasting
  • Interactive whiteboard, quizes and surveys.
  • Application policies and permissions.
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Classroom Management
Software For Android Devices

Take advantage of the cross platform compatibility and manage your android devices seamleslly from any device.

  • Interactive teaching, broadcasting, collaborating and controlling.
  • Powerful Management
  • Teaching evaluation
  • Response competition and surveys
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Classroom Management
Software For
Mac OS

Take advantage of media's most prominent business trend, and empowers your internal advertising teams.

  • Professional tablet software & apps
  • Setup and installations takes up to twenty
  • A better way to present your app with KeySoft
  • It takes few minutes to setup the software
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Classroom Management
Software for Linux

Is your environment based on linux devices? Mythware Classroom Management software supports all Linux.

  • Powerfull Management & Monitoring
  • Assesment Tools
  • Mutual Collaboration
  • Interactive Teaching
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Mythware Classroom Management For Chromebooks Intro

Check out our quick intro & overview of Mythware classroom management software

Our pricing structure

Mythware classroom management licensing structure is per seat with some packages for per class or district.
Our pricing is a one time cost.